Ep. 120 – The Titanic, JP Morgan, the Fed and Underwater Mysteries with LaLa Beamz

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Thank you for listening to another episode of DWP!

We bring on the Great LaLa Beamz who has us go down the Titanic rabbit hole and discuss the shady figure JP Morgan.

We start off getting to the foundation of our beliefs by talking about our spiritual/religious standings. We then get into what we believe is either an insurance scam, a ritualistic mass killing or simply incompetence from the crew and founders of the Titanic or Olympic ship.

Lala also brings up a strange incident involving Mike Degruy who found what appeared to be a lake under water which he couldn’t enter despite having a submarine.

Towards the end we debate some current events and go back and forth on how the Maricopa audit will shake out.

Incredibly fun episode to record so hope you enjoy it!

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