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In this episode we talk to Ben Walgate, the man behind 401 Files on YouTube. We talk about the lone vigils and camping trips that Ben takes to locations known to be a haunt of the British Bigfoot, or ‘Wildman’. He tells us how he woke up from a night in the woods and had a near cryptid experience, and about gaining entry to RAF Woodbridge, home of the Rendlesham Forest Incident! Space travel, the paranormal, Jesus being a hybrid and also whether or not disclosure will be allowed to happen are some of the other topics of discussion. Find Ben on YouTube at www.youtube.com/channel/UCWoPfBr3A0bMUmwZjHf3BZA

NB from Ash – I had a bit of brain fog throughout this episode! I meant The Condon Committee, not The Tizard Committee when talking about the previous Rendlesham UFO encounter – so many committees!

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