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On this episode of the Sideshow, John and Stacey discuss some big news to start of the new year. They are also joined by The Great Antonio for some 2021 predictions!

2021 predictions 17:07

News stories:

Covid Bill includes UAP Disclosure 54:44

CIA UFO Documents Available for Download 58:38

FM Signal Coming From Jupiter’s Moon 1:08:28

New Book About Oumuamua 1:33:45

Earth is Speeding Up 1:39:15

Ghost Hunting Goes Awry 1:52:02

Mysterious Statue Found in Mexico 1:55:59

Mayan Drug Containers Analyzed 2:04:57

Remains Stolen From Graveyard 2:11:26

Lizzie Borden Home For Sale 2:13:38

Study Shows We Can’t Control AI 2:16:16