Ep 118: Socially Distanced Xmas Companion Episode Vol 2020

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Join John and Stacey for some news, stories, and fun. John’s list this week is one he compiled himself of the best discoveries of 2020. Don’t miss it!

Top Headlines:

Roswell Officer’s Secret Journal 2:57

Radio Signal Detected From Planet 18:43

Alien Hunters Detect Signal 20:40

China’s SETI 23:44

Seneca Guns Mystery 25:41

The Newkirk’s Big Mistake 32:42

Halftime 36:48

John’s List 1:09:47

Antarctica Earthquakes 1:48:10

Blood of Saint Doesn’t Liquify 1:54:23

Zodiac Killer Puzzle Decoded 1:57:14

Great Pyramid Relic Found 2:00:54

Evidence for the Land of Punt 2:05:38

Aztec Tower of Skulls 2:07:51

Message in a Bottle 2:09:48

George Clooney’s Haunted House Story 2:11:29

Burglar Killed Mysteriously 2:14:22