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After a few weeks of brutality, Carrie returns with a slightly silly tale from pre-WW2 Britain: the story of Gef, a trickster entity (or spirit? or poltergeist? or cryptid? or…) who presented himself as a talking mongoose to the Irving family, and both harassed and cozied up with the Irvings until the end of World War II.

Gef, as he preferred to be called, allegedly told the Irvings – father James, mother Margaret, and 13-year-old daughter Voirrey – that he was the spirit of an Indian mongoose, born in 1852 in Delhi. Somehow, he made his way to the Isle of Man, and in 1931 began appearing and talking to the Irving family, who were living on a farm in Dalby. Word got around of the Irvings’ strange visitor, and before long, both the media and paranormal investigators began knocking on the door of the farm at Doarlish Cashen to try and meet what had become known as the “Dalby Spook”.

Was Gef real? Was he a spirit? A poltergeist, conjured by the lonely, pubescent Voirrey? A hoax perpetrated by one or all of the Irving family? A tulpa created by their shared hysteria? Carrie takes us through the entire bizarre tale, involving lawsuits, bacon binge-a-thons, and one very devilish little mongoose.


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