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Could America’s most famous house also be its most haunted? That’s what many think of the White House, the United States’ office, residence, and seat of the Presidency. Inhabited by the most powerful men in the world since 1800, the White House boasts centuries of history, some of the biggest names of all time…and a whole cadre of ghosts.

On Carrie’s after-hours tour of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we’ll meet:

  • The two First Ladies that held séances in the White House…and may have opened the door to more than just spirits
  • The ghost of one of the greatest Presidents of all time, Abraham Lincoln – the most-seen spirit at the White House
  • Psychics and seers who have predicted tragic and violent deaths for presidents…and have been proven right
  • The roaming specters of titans of American history like Abigail Adams, Andrew Jackson and Daniel Webster
  • The curse that may have been broken when Ronald Reagan survived his attempted assassination in 1981 – after proving deadly accurate since 1840
  • And a First Doggie afraid of the Lincoln Bedroom!

Join us for this trip into the past and present of America’s seat of power…on this plane and beyond.


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