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Today we reluctantly taste our mucous, visit the temporary town of Crush, Texas and then we travel to Seattle to see who has the biggest balls.

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First off, the next time you have a runny nose don’t wipe it away so quickly! You have to taste it first because it might be more than just allergies . . .

Then we go back in time to the temporary city of Crush, Texas. One man has a dream: to crash two trains into each other as a promotional stunt. But when things don’t go as expected, the towns people pay with their lives!

And finally, we visit Seattle to expose a cult of body-builders who inflate their balls with saline. But when a few members decide to make the change permanent by injecting silicone into their testicles, the bodies start piling up.


Johnston County man’s runny nose turns out to be leaking brain fluid


Crush, Texas


A Train Company Crashed Two Trains. You Will Believe What Happened Next


The Great Texas Train Crash at Crush


Crush’s Locomotive Crash Was a Monster Smash


Great Crush Collision March (SCOTT JOPLIN, 1896) Ragtime Piano Roll Legend


Justice for Jack – The Project


Mother of Australian man who died after injecting his scrotum with silicone to appease his master’s ‘inflation fetish’ confronts his bondage partner


“Thank you for allowing me to serve you.”


Man dies after injecting silicone in genitals, mom blames sex ‘cult’ master


Friends Say Dylan Hafertepen Killed Jack Chapman and 2 Other Gay Men With His “Ball Inflation Fetish”


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