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It's a dangerous world out there, and even more so with hosts Brandon Peacock and Ryan Dean. For the record we ARE NOT suicidal. From the paranormal to aliens, the CIA and geopolitical affairs, we cover it all! Conspiracy theories and inebriation is the name of the game. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dangerous-world/support

Ep. 026 – High Priestess of The Church of Anton LaVey, Patent 666

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Whether you call her a seminal performance artist or a demonic tool of the Bringer of Light, you gotta’ agree – Marina Abramovic is one crazy bird. Carving pentagrams into one’s own skin and teaming up with alleged international crime rings is the tip of the iceberg, it seems, and DWP is here to run the Titanic right into it. Listen, rate, subscribe and comment anywhere that you listen to podcasts, and slip into our DMs for info on new merch.

Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dangerous-world/support