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It's a dangerous world out there, and even more so with hosts Brandon Peacock and Ryan Dean. For the record we ARE NOT suicidal. From the paranormal to aliens, the CIA and geopolitical affairs, we cover it all! Conspiracy theories and inebriation is the name of the game. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dangerous-world/support

Ep. 024 – 5G and The Human Frequency [Deep Dive]

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(5-7=5G so we don’t get flagged for referencing it so much) So why are people all over the world burning down these 5-7 towers and destroying the transmitters? We don’t know but we can tell you there are connections with 5-7 and It’s EMF that may not be so healthy for life on Earth. We go deep into the topic and show how covid19 may actually be tied to 5-7 and electricity in general. But don’t worry, If you’re worried about 5-7 and all this new technology we tell you what you can do too! False corona flags, comets whirling toward us, forced vaccines?! It turns out the world is getting more dangerous every day!! Stay safe, ask questions and demand answers!

Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dangerous-world/support