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(Explicit) “The Booze + Spirits Podcast” is a podcast celebrating ghostly stories and spirited beverages. Siblings Nick and Cait McDonald share their love of ghost stories and good drinks in an audio podcast that’s both campfire story and bartending guide.

Ep. 005 – Christmas Special 2020

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Holiday tidings to you all! Once upon a time, it was traditional to gather family and friends together on Christmas Eve and share tales of ghosts and spirits to scare and delight each other, a tradition that sorely needs to make a come back in our opinion!

So in this special episode, join Nick and Cait for a classic Victorian Christmas Eve, where we chill the air with tales of ghostly fur trappers, haunted hot springs, and a ghost named ‘Daddy’. It’s a double-length episode! That means Cait runs out of alcohol, Nick does NOT, and chaos and over-sharing ensue.

Unfortunately, the Tom & Jerry Batter talked about in this episode didn’t come together in time to have the recipe published along-side the episode (stay tuned, we WILL post it in the future). But, being the holidays, we’ve included some additional recipes (not always of the drink variety!) to make up for the loss, as well as because, hey, it’s Christmas!

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Opening bells from “Christmas on an Island” by junior85, used under license CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Opening song is “Come Back Down” byThe Lonely Wild, licensed throughaudiio. Closing music is “This Christmas” by Dott, used under license CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

Remember to drink responsibly and in accordance to your local laws. Don’t be our next ghost!

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