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This is an energy report or update on what’s happening right now…

There’s a trifecta of energy that’s currently going on and it’s affecting those who are sensitive to energy and/or “tuned in” to their spiritual senses. People who are spiritually awakening, those who are developing their psychic senses, and of course Empaths. 

However, you can be sensitive to these energies and not even know it. Just like you can be sensitive to foods and not know it either. You just know that your body is reacting to something. This is also what happens when you are sensitive to energies, your spiritual body will react. Although, you may not know what it’s reacting to, and you may not even know it’s your spiritual body. (You might even mistaken it for a “physical body” issue.)

I will also talk about two very strange things that you might be noticing, plus five tips on how to deal with this trifecta of energy. 🙂
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