Energy, A Conversation With Patty Wilson | Part 1

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Without energy, there would no be life. Without energy there would not be hauntings. But with so many sources of energy, just how could the sources influence a haunting? Today we discuss energy, its countless forms and how it played a role in infamous hauntings such as Amityville and how it plays a role in every element of a haunting. Both from the side of the living, and the dead.

  • What is the “heart brain” and how does it work?
  • Is it possible for us to store memories in places other than our brain, and could someone who receives a transplant of some sort to get the memories of the donor?
  • How much does our physical setting play a role in the energy that affects our well-being?
  • Can energy that is left in a room after a high energy moment take on a life of its own? As a Grave Keeper, for $5 per month you will get:
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