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What do you do when you have encounter after encounter with a dead loved one at their funereal, yet no one will believe you? 

Here is a preview of the story.
“He was standing there watching us smiling, I got up and went to hug him I yelled Papa just to figure out I was still sitting there watching the lion king. Now my sister and I go to see Papa in the funeral room and examine my Papa. I soon see him breathing and say to my mom he is breathing; my parents told me that I was crazy. I continuously saw him breathing and him not being able to get up. The last day of the funeral, I did not go nor did my sister I felt as if I went, I would try to do something and make everyone mad. So, I did not go. I went to the bathroom in the year I saw my Papa, and he said, why did you not come. In the next few years of my life, I kept having encounters with my Papa.”

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