Eileen Colts – The Quantum Awakening and Science of the Mandela Effect!!

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By Eileen Colts

The quantum world held a fascination for me, along with astronomy and astrology, chemistry and alchemy, the hard sciences and their metaphysical sources. I pursued these interests by studying the hard sciences at college and university, where in addition to taking classes, I also tutored astronomy and ran the astronomy lab.  I spent my free time scouring through religious, theosophical, and mystical texts – knowing that somewhere between science and mysticism I might find God.

The Mandela Effect surfaced prominently in my life in 2016, when the VW logo on my car’s steering wheel rather miraculously changed from what it had been in 2012, adding a well-defined space between the V and the W,  I knew something scientific and mystical was happening, since I had been Mandela Effect-affected since the mid-1990s.  Nelson Mandela sprang back to life for me at an event in London with the Spice Girls in the mid-90s, after having died in prison just weeks before his release in the late 1980s.  Why am I so sure?  Because I went to South Africa to interview him while he was still in prison, and I covered political reactions to his death as part of a radio network news team, around 1987.

Now the Mandela Effect had my full attention.  And after going down what I call the first M.E. Rabbit Holes of CERN, quantum computing, simulation theory and time travel – I felt they did not offer completely rational and satisfactory explanations for something as big as material objects and non-material names, places, iconic movie lines and book titles flipping and flopping into different versions of themselves continually. Of course as individuals, we might think we had lost our memory, but fortunately there are thousands, if not millions of other people who remember these things having been different in the past – in the exact same way. A thousand people misremembering something should misremember it in a thousand different ways, not in one way.

Even though I took hard sciences as electives, my degree from Loyola University in Chicago is in Broadcast Communication with a minor in Psychology, so I am well aware of what is called confabulation – where a person changes a memory usually as a result of suggestion, or trauma. I notice the authorities are peculiarly silent on the topic, occasionally throwing out the label of confabulation to M.E. experiencers. However, the most striking reason the label cannot fit the experience is that thousands of people cannot make up the exact same false memory of something at the same time with no communication between them. Unless of course they are willing to admit to a human hive mind and the possibility that we are all part of one super human consciousness. So, for the moment at least, silence is the best approach from the authorities because science cannot as yet explain the phenomenon … or can it?

There are many quantum possible explanations for the Mandela Effect experience in consciousness that my friend and co-presenter Cynthia Sue Larson will cover so much better than I ever could. What I would like to share with you here are some of the cosmic or macro observations of changes that could be related to, or even causing the Mandela Effect.

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