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Eilean Mor Lighthouse

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Welcome back to the show everyone! On this episode we have a submission involving something that shakes me to the core. It’s a dark story, it starts off with the submitters mother having an encounter with a demon. Then later on in life he has a run in with what may be the same being. But for him it was much worse, it came into the room and began to drag him away. What happens next may have changed the outcome of his story. Then we go into the Eilean More Lighthouse story. Three lighthouse keepers are out on the Island. When the next shift came to rotate shifts no one was found. They inspected the entire island, food was left on the table with a chair knocked over. The lighthouse door was locked from the inside but no one was on the other side. Some people saw lights in the area around the time the men might have went missing. It’s also a common thing to have rouge waves hit the light house. So was it just mother nature raining hell on them or was it something  far more mysterious? We hope you enjoy the show and as always stay safe and stay weird.

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