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“EARTH: THE LIZARD PEOPLE PLANET” and 6 More Paranormal and True Crime Horror Tales! #WeirdDarkness

IN THIS EPISODE: It’s one of the strangest unsolved murders in American history. How strange? It includes a pig woman and a preacher – that’s how strange. It’s the still unsolved Hall-Mills murders of 1922. (The Pig Woman, The Preacher, and Murder) *** Hannah Beswick was so frightened by the idea of being accidentally buried alive, that she even told her doctor that upon her death she was not to be buried – just in case they’d pronounced her deceased a bit too early. And that was the beginning of her very strange afterlife. (The Undead Life of Hanna Beswick) *** As we keep searching for extraterrestrial life hoping anyone is out there, we could be missing an important issue few have considered. What if extraterrestrial life is indistinguishable from the laws of physics? (Does Dark Matter Explain Extraterrestrial Life?) *** Haunted locations are so popular nowadays that it’s almost impossible to keep a lid on it if you don’t want the word to get out that your house, business, or even car is haunted. But then there is a hotel in Wales that is haunted.. but no one seems to know about it. (Haunting in the Grand Hotel) *** Local legend holds that La Pascualita is the preserved corpse of the original shop owner’s daughter, who died tragically on her wedding day. Others believe she is just a mannequin created by a skilled artist. For over 90 years the question has remained – and no one has the answer. (La Pascualita) *** Millions of people think lizard people live among us – but where did the idea of their existence begin? (The Reptilian Conspiracy)

(Dark Archives episode from March 10, 2020)
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“Does Dark Matter Explain Extraterrestrial Life?” by Cynthia McKanzie: https://tinyurl.com/qmwh6cb
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