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The body is capable of some amazing, disgusting, horrible things. Thanks to the “Poop Facts” daily calendar Mariangela got Sarah for Christmas, she bring some of the worst information you’ve never wanted to know about getting backed up.

Stephanie tells us about the notorious Ted Bundy and his prolific crimes in the northwestern United States. Bundy brutalized women in Seattle and the surrounding area, but bounced across state lines. He used his knowledge of the legal system to evade capture for over a decade. The legacy of his crimes is still felt in today’s culture.

Sarah’s story is actually the part one of our first ever two part story! Calling this segment “Unhappy Storiez from the Happiest Place on Earth,” Sarah tells us about the multiple unfortunate deaths that have occurred at Disneyland and Disney World parks. While Disney is revered for its beautiful parks, the name has been besmirched by some horrible deaths. Most of these can be attributed to rider error, but the results are tragic all the same. Many regulations and changes have made in the park industry in the time since, but the spirits of those that died there may still remain.

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