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E27 | The Black Shuck, Hellhounds, and Crowley’s Loch Ness Monster

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Ever wanted to know how to summon a hellhound? How about conjure a monster the likes of which may haunt the waters of Loch Ness? On this episode, we explore the history of rituals and demonic conjurings that may link sightings of the famed Sea Monster and strange activity around Loch Ness with the man once dubbed the wickedest man on earth — Allister Crowley.. But first, the Legend of the Black Shuck! Is he a shadowy guardian of travelers,  an omen of impending doom, or is he himself the cause of dreadful and supernatural animal attacks?

Also.. Area 51 swipes right, Why Jimmy Page is a bad friend, and Jon tries to stop Jeremy from summoning a hellhound.



00:08:06 | Goblin Universe 00:09:54 | We’re not doing the news anymore 00:11:11 | Storm Area 51 / Storm Loch Ness 00:14:50 | Black Shuck Encounters 00:17:08 | Dogman Connections 00:18:42 | W.A. Dutt: Highways AND Byways… 00:21:21 | Earliest ‘hellhound’ account – Peterborough Abbey 00:22:50 | Wild Hunt 00:29:20 | Bungay and Blythburgh 00:40:20 | Black Shuck Found – Leiston’s Excavation 00:42:58 | Okuri inu 00:44:14 | Conjuring a hell hound  00:53:31 | Good Crowley – Bad Crowley
00:57:50 | Book of Abramelin 
01:00:20 | Loch Ness conjuring ritual
01:10:42 | Patreon stinger 01:15:40 | Crowley- good intentions? unclosed circle. 
 01:16:22 | Loch Ness monster – ethereal spirit? 
01:22:06 | misfortune at Boleskine House – Crowley curse 
01:24:47 | 1970’s Exercise of the loch
 01:25:12 | St. Columba and the Loch Ness Monster
 01:26:27 | Jimmy Page buys Boleskine House
 01:29:10 | Malcolm Dent haunting [CLIP]
 01:33:46 | Boleskine House for sale, then burns down 
01:35:10 | Crowley as John Dee’s reincarnated Ed Kelly
 01:36:46 | Jeremy’s synchronicity story


Aleister Crowley:

Boleskine House:







Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus | Paul Weston


Aleister Crowley and the Loch Ness Monster | Avalonian Aeon

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