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We’ve had some crazy stuff going on in our lives, but that won’t stop us from bringing you the 2-star content you know and love(?)!
This episode is full of ghosts, and men, and honestly we don’t know which is scarier?
In honor of Women’s History Month, Sarah starts us out with not one, but two stories about ghost women. Though they may be spirits, even in life and death we have to say ‘good for her’.
Stephanie finishes off the episode with a story where no one dies! But a white man is on his bullshit, and does con multiple people out of more money than anyone would have guessed. Who is Zach Horwitz and who is Zach Avery, and why have we never seen them in the same room at the same time??

On a separate note, we seem to be catching these weird noises (or transmissions?) in our audio. We can’t quite make out what it is… if you can understand it, please let us know! And we’re still looking for Kristina and we’re starting to get a little worried. So if you hear from her, or have any idea where she got of to, hit us up!