E227 Guestoberfest Rewind #2

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We’re back with another REWIND!! Which means we are officially one week closer to GUESTOBERFEST **airhorn**

We continue our rewind countdown with an episode we both consider to be one of our scariest. Originally airing in 2018 and titled “Take Care of Yourselves, and Each Other”, this episode was the only time we felt the need to cleanse the space with sage both before and after recording.
….take that as you will (we take it as scary)
Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this revisit of a Guestoberfest past!!

—This week’s guest asked to remain anonymous. For the purpose of our show, he’s going by Aaron. Since the age of five, Aaron began to notice a dark presence in his parents’ bedroom at night. After his father’s death, he believes he has inherited what he calls his “attachment.” The greatest terror is not what it has done to Aaron directly, but to his loved ones.