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You read the title right – this weeks story is about the abduction of Elizabeth Smart. But, before we get to her story we have the story of another girl. A girl named Anne who loved her home so much she never wanted to part with it, even in death. The Burton Agnes Hall in Yorkshire England was built by Annes father, and when Anne passed away her final request was to have her head be buried in the home. Well, since that was a little weird, her family didn’t do that and instead buried her fully intact in the church graveyard. But Anne wouldn’t let her wishes go unfulfilled. In fact, she would scream her head off until they eventually moved her head back into the house. Don’t worry though – that’s not the end of the story. Tune in to hear Sarah tell the rest of the saga of the “Screaming Skull of Burton Agnes Hall”
And to finish the episode Stephanie is bringing us the 1990’s true crime abduction case of Elizabeth Smart. Elizabeth was taken from her bed in the middle of the night at knifepoint, and the only witness was her sister lying in the bed next to her. It seemed like Elizabeth would never make it back home – but she does. And how she does is one hell of a story.