E224 We Saw Jimmy Hoffa With The Devil!

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We’re officially one month away from our favorite time of year — GUESTOBERFEST!!! We’ve got some big plans and guests lined up for this year, and we can’t wait to bring it all to you!
But in the meantime….

Stephanie starts us out with the unsolved mystery (murder?) of Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa served as the President of a major labor union and made great strides for the working-person in America. That is..until he got roped in with some bad eggs. He was last seen in July 1975, and even though he was legally declared dead in 1982, no one really knows what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

Sarah takes us a little further back in history to 1184, to tell us all about the Erfurt Latrine Disaster. *used to be shithouse*
When the floor gave way during a meeting called by Henry VI, 60+ people found themselves swimming in shit. Or, drowning in it rather. Because the floor that collapsed fell directly into the sewage sistern. What followed become known as one of the most unsettling, morbid, and strangely comic events of history. And what makes it even more strange is the theory that the entire event was setup..by the King..to kill his enemies/competition. Talk about one way to empty a load….