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We’ve reached the finale of the Linda Hazzard and Starvation Heights’ story. It’s only fitting that for this episode, Linda was dead to begin with – because this final installment isn’t about Linda, but rather the poor ghosts left behind still processing their trauma.
And to continue with the ghost trend, Sarah has one more haunted tale. The S.S. Kamloops sunk to the bottom of Lake Superior in 1927 and remains there, intact, to this day. The Kamloops also holds the remains of a rather friendly underwater ghost named “Grandpa”. If you have the diving prerequisites (and the guts!) you too can go down and visit Grandpa.
**CONTENT WARNING** – Our final story includes child death

Stephanie wraps up the episode with a story that ties back to her Satanic Panic series. The West Memphis Three were three young men convicted of the murders of three young boys in 1994. But, just because they were convicted however, that doesn’t mean they did it.
Buckle up because it’s quite a bumpy ride to the end of this story. And while you will get off the ride with all your limbs intact, you’ll certainly have a knot in your stomach.