E222 She Fasted So Gwyneth Could Good – Pt 2. of Linda Hazzard

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And we’re back! With the second installment of the Linda Hazzard story.
**TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNING** this episode deals with subjects of disordered eating, abuse, & child death

We last left Linda in Washington state working hard scamming people, and building her sanitarium. And we were introduced to the Williamson sisters, Claire and Dora. They would prove to be Linda’s downfall (in the USA that is), and after one sister dies in Linda’s care she’s finally charged with murder. And that would be the end of the story, right? Maybe for anyone else, but not for Linda. Tune in to hear what happens after the trial, and be sure to check back next week for PART 3!!!

Stephanie wraps up the episode with the true crime, mysterious death of Kendrick Johnson. After 17 year old student didn’t come home from school, his parents knew something was terribly wrong. But no-one would have guessed what actually happened – and to this day no-one really knows what happened. Listen to the details for yourself and let us know what you think.
For us though – we stand with Kendrick’s family, we believe it was a murder and we believe it’s been covered up and now done so at the detriment of the family of the victim. Justice for Kendrick and peace for his family.