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Have you heard the big news?!? We’re having our first ever LIVE SHOW this month, in honor of our 200th episode!! Feb. 23, 8pm EST at Franky Bradley’s in Philadelphia, PA – we’ll be live and in the flesh – and recording or 200th episode!! All event information can be found on our website and social media pages.
And, now for something completely different…
Except not.
Sarah starts out this week with a story that can be summed up in one phrase “F**k him, and good for her”. Susan Kuhnhausen came home to find an intruder waiting to strike, and only one would walk away from this attack. Can you guess which one?
Stephanie ends the episode across the pond in Scotland, specifically at the Overtoun Bridge. This story can also be summed up in a phrase, “Put your dog on a leash”. There’s a ghost story attached to this bridge, and some bloody history, BUT that’s not the main reason the Overtoun Bridge is infamous.