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It might be a new year, but it certainly has a feeling of DejaVu – because we’re still recording remotely! So, please forgive our audio quality as we try to re-learn remote recording.
Are ya’ll ready to talk about some ghosts?? Because Sarah is! This week is the tale of the Ancient Ram Inn
“Ghosts-Pagans-Succubus OH MY” The Ancient Ram Inn is almost 1000 years old and has the spooky history to prove it. Built upon a Pagan burial ground, this home boasts over 90 resident ghosts. With an open grave in the kitchen, no running water, and a multitude of paranormal activity: what more could you ask for in a haunted inn?

Stephanie ends the episode talking about a new (to us) cult: The Unification Church. Also known in the U.S. as “The Moonies”, this church came to the Americas from Korea and has some dangerous ideologies. After the original leader died, some of his children broke off to form their own sects – one of which will be covered in next week’s episode. And that sect seems to be the most dangerous of all…