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We’re over halfway through Guestoberfest can you believe it?? We definitely can’t!
To celebrate we thought we would bring back our guest that’s always been comin-for-that-numba-one-spot: Kristina!!!!!!
We’re always so excited to have Kristina on the show, and we’re doubly excited to welcome her back to Guestoberfest and back for her 13TH EPISODE (spoookyyy).
Like usual, Kristina comes prepared with a very unsettling – unfun – super spooky – prime Guestoberfest story: the missing persons case of Susan Cox Powell. And, subsequently, the murder of more of the Cox-Powell family. This story has a TRIGGER WARNING for domestic violence and violence toward children.
As our second-to-last episode of Guestoberfest – this one will definitely leave you with chills up your spine and an unsettled knot in your gut. Thanks Kristina for the spooks! And tune in next week for our final episode of Guestoberfest!!!