E174 Law & Order: S.B.D.

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What’s That Smell??
It’s a brand new episode!! We’re back and full of gas…I mean, laughs…as we bring you this weeks storiez.
Stephanie starts out with her #2 movement, or second half, of her story about Genetic Genealogy and the cold cases that have been solved because of this new technology.
***CONTENT WARNING*** Both stories told in this episode have elements of abuse and harm to children.
Sarah wraps up with a **cue-airhorn-noise** listener story! It’s not about ghosts, but it is spine chilling just the same. Big thank you to our listener and friend, Amy, for providing this story from her hometown!!
It’s an episode full of murder, farts, and intrigue. Hold on to your buttz, cause you don’t want to miss it!!