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It’s a little shorty episode this week – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full to the brim with spooks!
Sarah starts us off with a ghost story, except this ghost story is a little different: it’s a friendly ghost! The Queen Ann Hotel in San Francisco was originally an elite girls boarding school, and it seems the old headmistress never left. Mary Lake had some drama in her lifetime, but she also had a passion for her school and her students and her ghost is said to be friendly and even helpful (like unpacking your bags for you). Book your night at the Queen Ann and see if Mary will sing you to sleep.

Stephanie turns this ship in a completely different direction and is bringing us some true crime. Specifically murder…specifically multiple murders. But what these murders have in common isn’t a person, it’s how they were solved. Genetic Genealogy: take a listen and let us know your thoughts on this new technique and testing.
BONUS – Stephanie’s stories are a 2-parter! So be sure to tune in next week to hear the rest!