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We’re BAACCKK!! And this episode is full of banter, shenanigans, and … worm tornados??
Buckle up as we fill you in on what’s been going on in our week off, tips on how to dress for the job you want, and opinions on who we would cast in the live-action remake of “Evil Genius”. (If you haven’t watched Evil Genius on Netflix – go do it, right now)
Sarah’s bringing us a listener story this week that comes to us all the way from Scotland!! It’s true crime AND ghosts – a double whammy!
Stephanie wraps up with 4 short weird-world tales. A story of the smoking-gun sausage, why we should thank Idina Menzel for helping solve the Dyatlov pass, a typical FloridaMan, and a worm tornado!
This episode is all over the place, and we hope you enjoy!!