E134 It’s Summertime Somewhere

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We did it ya’ll!! We think this is officially our longest (without a guest) episode EVER! And that’s because this week is LOADED with storiez.
Stephanie starts us off with the unsolved mystery of the Somerton (or is it Summertime?) Man. A man is found deceased on a beach in Australia — and that’s literally all we know. Who is he, what was he doing there, and most importantly – how warm was it because it’s summer??
AND, if you listened last week then you know what Sarah has in store for us: Jimmy Jr. & The Jonestown Massacre, Pt. 1
This story has so many layers and twists and turns that it’s going to take multiple episodes to do it justice. Part 1 tells us a brief summary of Jonestown and the Peoples Temple before diving into the childhood of Jim Jones (aka Jimmy Jr.) himself. Jimmy Jr. started out weird ya’ll….just take a listen to find out HOW weird that was — and how it could inevitably lead to him being a leader of a massive American cult.