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Don’t adjust your dial, you’re not going crazy – it’s another guest week!!! We just can’t get enough of our guests lately, can ya’ll? And this week we’re happy to welcome the host of Octoberpod Home Video – Edward October!!!!!
You’ve heard his promo before, and now you’re going to hear his personal experiences growing up in (well, actually he lived in a town about 20 mins outside of this city, but no one knows that town so he just says he grew up there, and…) Abingdon, Virginia!!!
Ed brings us stories from the Martha Washington Hotel, The Barter Theatre, and The Tavern. Sarah had previously covered the hotel and theatre in E63, but Ed delivers that personal touch to these haunted locations that we love!

Once you’re caught up on our show, be sure to hop over to Youtube to check out Octoberpod VHS — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZQk-oAsjZNG18y8bX24c6w and his website — https://www.octoberpodvhs.com/
Let’s support our other spooky shows ya’ll, cause remember – it’s a pod-eat-pod world out there.