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The climate of American democracy still hangs in the air… but at least you can count on your favorite duo to keep bringing the ghost (and fart) storiez!! Things might be uncertain in the world, but we certainly have some spoooky storiez lined up this week.
Stephanie starts us off with a good ol’fashioned ghost story. Don’t worry, she’s not “gassing” us up: Miss Molly’s Hotel in Ft. Worth Texas is as haunted as it gets – but don’t take Stephanie’s word for it – take Ke$sha’s! (She stayed there and told her tale in the show “The Haunting of: Ke$sha”).
Sarah ends the episode with a true crime tale that is scary based on facts alone – but the fact that the narrative is from someone who knew the victim makes it that much spookier. Big thanks to Reddit (as always) for being a platform that let’s people tell their stories; but also thanks to the user who shared this story. The mystery of what exactly happened to Joshua Maddux is still unknown; though at the end of this episode, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a good idea of who did it (just not the how or why…)