E116 Your Classic Anxiety&Cry

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It’s another week in the pandemic nightmare of 2020, and another week of storiez!! We can’t remember if we used to go light story to dark story or vice-versa, but this week we’re hitting the ground running with a dark unsolved murder mystery. Stephanie tells us the story of the Hinterkaifeck murders in Germany. An entire family slaughtered one by one in their barn, not found for 4 days, and the murderer has not been found to this day! If this story doesn’t give you shivers then maybe Sarah’s will. Instead of bringing you a murder or ghost story, she’s got her own weird dream to talk about. Have any of you also been experiencing weird, scary dreams during this? Because Sarah has, and this most recent dream is a doozy. Hear all about it and let us know if you know what it might mean!