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E11 The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward J. Ruppelt, Chapter 1

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The first chapter of Ruppelt’s book “The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects.” Edward J. Ruppelt was the head of project Blue Book until late 1953. He coined the term “UFO” to replace the less accurate “flying saucers.” Dr. J. Allen Hynek said that you should read this book. The ultra-legendary Stanton Friedman was introduced to the UFO topic when he chanced upon a copy of this book.


This is a big one. Ruppelt had the inside scoop on UFOs. As the head of Blue Book he had access to secret information not available to civilian researchers. He was a giant upon whose shoulders we still stand. This book was a nuclear bomb that gave us a peek behind the velvet curtain and revealed things like the estimate of the situation. I agree with Dr. Hynek: anyone interested in the topic of UFOs should definitely read this book. Or, better yet, hear me read it for you! So what are you waiting for?


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