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Three brothers explore, debate and sometimes snicker over the fantastic and mysterious goings ons that exist at the fringes of our reality - everything from the average Bigfoot encounter to the fringiest of fringe conspiracy theories, often challenging their own beliefs.. and sometimes each other's sanity. Good humor, good drinks and good discussion. Listen, laugh and contemplate along with the brothers of the Belief Hole Podcast. Why? Because they love you, and we’re all in this strange place together!

E07 | Shadow People, Real Ghost Stories.. and Old Wintery Meat

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Things get spooktastic on episode 7 of Belief Hole! From demon infested motel steak to Taco sauce induced ‘out of body’ experiences, we run the gamut of hair raising personal accounts of the paranormal. 

A focus on the surprisingly ancient phenomena of the shadow people sneaks us through theories on real life Freddie Krueger-esque “nightmare deaths”, Cenobite Puzzle boxe prizes, and the shared, dark sadness surrounding of the Ghostbusters remake.

To wrap things up, we bring the episode deeper into the Belief Hole with an interview from John of the Phantom Faction Podcast as he shares with us first hand accounts of violent shadow people encounters and his advice on what to do if you’ve got a spook whose cramping your style. 

..Also, #MeBoo, Egon Spengler’s sad slinky and Freddie Prince JR. as the godhead

So stoke that fire, poor a drink, and remember.. starve your ghouls! 




Episode 7 Movie Suggestions:

• Nightmare on Elmstreet

• Ghostbusters 1 and 2

• Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

• Lost Boys

• Hellraiser

• Fright Night (1985)


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