Dreams Part 1 – Subconsciousness & The Science of Dreaming

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By popular demand, and repeated requests from you, our gracious listener, we are officially launching our new format!

Every week, Xander & Stone – The Science & Supernatural Podcast – will release one topic in 2 parts.   This will give us, and you, a chance to do a good deep dig into the week's topic! 

Thank you to all of you who suggested this in your feedback – we are truly grateful that you are asking for MORE of Xander & Stone – The Science & Supernatural Podcast.

This week, in Part 1 of our #Dreams episode, Stone pulls back the curtain on the Science of dreams.

Why do we dream?
Are dreams our subconscious sorting out the experiences we have in our waking hours?
Is it our brains way of tying up our emotions and memories into neat little packages and storing them in our long term memory?

And – Bonus Fact – Xander explains where exactly our “mental-ball-sack” is located (we all have em folks – regardless of gender)

We listen to 2 call in stories from Jonathan and Abbie in Phoenix as well as a weird dream from Christine on Instagram.

“This episode kicked me in the mental ball-sack” ~ Xander

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