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I am joined by Dr. Irena Scott – So good to have her back.  Please check out her website


What is best known about the UFO events of October 1973 is the Pascagoula abduction account of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker. It began as an extremely credible report, but unlike many reports, intensive research has uncovered a number of additional reports of UFO sightings in the area at around the same time. This number continues to grow and more are given here. This has added to its credibility and because of this, it has been termed the best-documented alien abduction account on record.But much is not known about many elements associated with this event. It had numerous unique aspects, such as that the instruments the beings appeared to use to scan the men resembled such modern devices as the computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan. Such unique factors are compared to additional reports from the same time. This may be the first report of a new type of abduction event; there may have been a second abduction, by the same object at around the same time as Parker and Hickson’s. Abductions appear to happen as single events, but this may have been extremely different and the first reported. And there may have even been several abduction attempts on the same night as the Pascagoula abductionIn addition much happened at the same time as the Pascagoula abduction, such as reports of close UFO encounters, a thunderous boom, and similar episodes that swarmed in to bewildered operators in many states across the USA. These events ushered in a massive UFO wave, possibly the largest wave ever experienced and possibly the last wave.The strange boom was no ordinary sound; it was one that, with the exception of the Krakatoa volcanic eruption of 1883, could be the most widespread audible sound ever recorded. It did not happen in some out of the way place; it happened in the nation’s vital centers. It was felt in Washington DC, over areas of the nation’s highest population density, its heartland, and several vital cities This sound was analyzed according to the latest NASA research on sounds. The boom was quite unnatural and remarkable in many ways. The width of the sound would mean that the object causing it would be many miles high, in outer space, and in a location where there should be no overpressure. However, there was a large area of overpressure such that it broke windows in a swath over at least three states and it appeared able to cause ground movement over a large area. It appeared to defy the laws of physics. Unlike most UFO associated phenomena where there is no hard scientific proof, this sound was recorded on two seismographs, which may provide scientific proof of the existence of anomalous UFO phenomena associated events.PLEASE – FOLLOW, LIKE, FAVORITE, SUBSCRIBE wherever you listen to podcasts.

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