Doug Waller Bigfoot Investigator

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Doug Waller has been fascinated with the legend of Bigfoot for over thirty years. In 2006 he began seriously researching sightings of Bigfoot in his home state of Ohio, with particular interest in southeastern Ohio, where he lives. Due to his intense interest in the subject he began meeting many eyewitnesses and in 2008 formed his Bigfoot group the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation . The main focus of the group is to provide a safe venue for Bigfoot eyewitnesses to come together to share th eir encounters and experiences without fear of ridicule. In 2012 Mr. Waller began receiving invitations to give Bigfoot presentations at libraries, to civic groups and various other organizations. In doing so, he continued meeting large numbers of eyewitne sses and realized that their stories needed to be preserved. He made it his mission to record their stories for posterity. He began interviewing witnesses and compiling their accounts which led to his series of books Standing in the Shadows (2013), Hidden Encounters (2015), Screams in the Night (2017), Bigfoot Reports (2018) his newest book, Silent Forest: More Bigfoot Mysteries (2020) and Doug Waller continues to research the mystery of Bigfoot in cooperation with other investigators and eyewitnesses. He hopes to continue speaking at Bigfoot events and meeting new eyewitnesses and amateur researchers and working with them to solve the mystery of Bigfoot. To contact Mr. Waller about speaking at your library, civic group or event, email him at , or message him on the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation Facebook page.