Double Walker w/ Sylvie Mix and Colin West | 262

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A little girl is found dead on Christmas day in a small Midwestern town. That same night a mysterious young woman moves to town and is revealed to be none other than the ghost of the little girl, and she is determined to piece together the vague memories of her own demise. That’s the short-short run down of Double Walker a new movie from Colin West and Sylvie Mix.  They both join me this week to talk making ghost stories, living in a haunted house, and what it’s really like to make a movie. Plus, CBot tells us his favorite paranormal comedy (It’s disturbing),  KYLE talks REVENGE (spoiler, it involves cheese muffins), and Brent tries to keep it all together while John is still out welcoming in his new baby girl to the world.  All this and more on the podcast that doesn’t always talk about ghosts. But when we do, they are out for revenge – Hysteria 51

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