Hosted ByTasha Dreadful / Steve Chaos

(Explicit) A podcast exploring strange and unusual stories that are sure to make your brain tingle. From aliens to crime scenes we bring you some interesting tales. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we hope you will grab a drink and join us for a laugh and maybe a scare or two.

Don’t use a real corpse as a movie prop. That’s how you catch a curse!

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There are a lot of wild stories that come from the magical world of Hollywood. However, none are as creepy as cursed productions. 
Murders, accidental deaths, strange accidents, and rabid animals are just some of the horrifying tales that haunt these movies.
Join us as we sip some tasty beers from The Deep Ellum Brewing Company and retell these unusual stories that are Hollywood legends.
You be the judge, and tell us if these movies caught a curse!

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