Don’t Go Chasin’ Water Forms

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If you see something, say something, Weirdos!

This week we are talking about people that have disappeared without a trace.  Each year hundreds of thousands of people go missing in the United States alone.  Luckily a majority of those cases are solved.  Unfortunately, the solving of a case doesn’t automatically mean that there is a happy ending.

But what about the cases that aren’t solved?  Are they living their life somewhere with a different name?  Are they being held captive?  Are they in another dimension?  Or should we be looking for remains?

This week Ashley is talking about a mass disappearance that took place in 2014.  The day we lost an entire plane.  Malaysia Flight 370 left us with way more questions than answers and we’re going to be discussing what happened that day and what could have happened to those people.

Lauren is discussing a case that came out of Illinois in the 1960’s where three young women never came home from a beach day.  Last seen boarding a strange boat on Lake Michigan– could these women have left everything behind and started a new life?  Or are they still in the lake today? Will we ever know what happened to them?

Once again the lesson we want you to walk away with… just stay away from the dang water.