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Good day, weirdos!

Your girls are back for another week of WEIRD and this week is all over the place.

From psychic visions to sex trafficking, killer weather to kidnapping, and even some terrifying technology to keep you awake at night.

After we get our Vanderpump excitement out of the way Lauren starts us off with a TRUE CRIME TIME teaching us about the strange disappearance of Theresa Ann Bier.  Her uncle took her camping one day in 1987 and she hasn’t been seen since…  I wonder… who did it.

Then Ashley takes us into the way WAY back machine with a little history lesson on King Richard III.  This is a new segment called CALL MISS CLEO where we discuss PSYCHIC visions and after 500 years of looking for the lost King’s remains – he was found.  But the only explanation for his discovery may lie in the paranormal.

Lauren swings us forward juuuuust a tad as with an IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT as we venture into 1948 when the small steel town of Donora Pennsylvania was nearly choked to death by a killer fog.

And finally Ashley wraps it up with a TERRIFYING TECHNOLOGY update where we learn that we currently have the ability to READ MINDS.  And no that is not a euphemism… we can read actual thoughts. 

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Disappearance of Theresa Ann Bier




Discovery of King Richard III




Donora Death Fog




Terrifying Technology


Tech that aims to read your mind and probe your memories is already here | MIT Technology Review