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DOCTOR WHO – THE MISSHAPEN PLANET PART 2 – The Untrustworthy Advisor

Black Glove Studio and Studio Severn are in no way affiliated with the BBC or Big Finish audios. This is unofficial fan-made audio made by the fans for the fans. We, nor any of the cast involved profit from the making of this audio. Please support all BBC and Big Finish audios. Doctor Who remains the registered and Licensed property of the BBC.

Join the original and First Doctor with his companions Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplett, in Part Two of the Misshapen Planet. The Doctor rediscovers his greatest irritation when the Monk returns, and the joyless encounter turns disturbing when the Voord’s reasons for the reunion become clear. Find out as Black Glove Studio and Studio Severn once again transport you into the Whoniverse.


Shaun Hughes as The Doctor

Zoe Jenkins as Dodo Chaplett

Christopher Kovalenko as Steven Taylor

Jerry Kokich as Pardok

Pete Lutz as The Monk

The Doctor Who theme – written by Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire

All other incidental music is Royalty and copyright free