Do Children See Spirits? | The Grave Talks Preview

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When Mike McCallister’s daughter was four years old, she came to him to see if her friend “Timmy” could join them for dinner. As a loving father, he entertained the idea and invited her “imaginary” friend in. Soon she began a very detailed and seemingly “real” interaction with an empty chair. Empty to all the adults in the room. From there she would begin to recall incidents, deaths, even people from places and times that she couldn’t possibly know. This was the beginning of a long journey digging into the world of the supernatural. A journey that we discuss today, on The Grave Talks.  

 In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

    • What were some of the experiences that Mike had at The Lincoln Street Home that made him a believer in the supernatural?
    • What kind of things did Mike do that made the spirits react to him in the haunted house?
    • Does Mike think the spirits of the haunted Lincoln Street House interact with each other?
    • What made Mike leave the field of paranormal investigation?
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