Discovering The Dead | A Conversation With April Quill

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Amanda Quill had a very unique childhood that would leave her with many questions about the paranormal. She would find herself moving from Canada to Scotland, and back to Canada again. With every path that she went down, she would do all she could to read about and try to understand the world of the paranormal, in a world that at the time, didn’t want to talk about it. This drive would continue through her life, and lead her to a journey of discovering the dead.

PART 2 – AVAILABLE TO GRAVE KEEPERS ONLY – LISTEN HERE In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

Does Amanda think we are capturing more evidence of paranormal now, than in the past?
How does the physical environment have any bearing on when or how we communicate with the dead?
Why is the current house that Amanda lives in the “most haunted”?
Is “seeing ghosts” up to a person’s individual belief system?

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