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IN THIS EPISODE: It began in early April, 1971 and continued for several weeks. Numerous calls, fifty in total, all reporting sighting a strange beast – half human, half wolf. Possibly female. What were the people of Mobile, Alabama witnessing? (The Wolf Woman of Mobile Alabama) *** You know someone is truly evil when their own children are warning the public about them while the parent is in prison. That’s exactly what the daughter of serial killer Shelly Knotek has been doing. (Serial Killer Landlady) *** Was U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s mother actually killed by vampires? (Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) *** It began as a sharing of a water source between properties… then accusations of improper relations… and it escalated to murder in 1895 Indiana. But who killed the beautiful, young Clara Shanks? (The Wolf Creek Tragedy) *** Six young boys were out playing when suddenly a bolt of lightning came crashing down near them. That’s when they saw the tiny, strange-looking blue man. (Strange Tales of Little Blue Men) *** The loneliness of isolation during the mandated quarantine from the current pandemic can be stressful for some, torturous for others, and terrifying for some – particularly those who are forced to stay indoors in a home that is also haunted. 
(Quarantining With a Ghost)
(Dark Archives from June 02, 2020)
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