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Theres no business like show business, weirdos!

Welcome to part two of our latest HOLLYWEIRD series and this week we’re getting pretty dark.  We’re going down the loneliest alleyways, the emptiest movie studios, and the seediest night clubs to talk about MURDER.

Ashley and Lauren are once again joined by their great friend Mike Johnston as they research three cases that seem cut and dry… only to learn the truth was much more sinister.

Lauren brings us the story of William Desmond Taylor whose life and death were the final straw to push Hollywood into forced wholesomeness.  Then as a bonus she also brings us Thelma Todd, a young starlet suicide much like so many others…. or was it?

And Ashley is teaching us about the strange disappearance of Jean Spangler in 1949 and the list of suspects that includes one of Hollywood’s most infamous madmen.


Enjoy this extra long episode that does include foul language, graphic descriptions of murder and discussions of suicide, incest, and sexual abuse.