Dennis Nilsen

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On this episode Tom O Mahony joins me to chat about one sick pup; known as the Kindly Killer and one of the creepiest the UK can produce, Dennis Nilsen; a former policeman and army private, murdered an unknown amount of young men in his London homes in the 70s and 80s. Nilsen is thought to have killed up to twenty homeless and homosexual men after luring them to his various apartments, killing them and burying the bodies under floorboards.

It was also discovered that Dennis Nilsen was partially a cannibal and he kept the dead bodies of his victims as ‘company’. Nilsen is renowned for being one of the weirdest killers on any true crime list because his peccadillo was talcing the dead men and watching TV with them, and then eventually boiling their bodies and flushing them down the toilet; which became his eventual undoing.

The reason we know so much about Nilsen, his methods and his motivation is because he was more than forthcoming with the information in interviews after his arrest. How much of this can be believed is up to you; but the detail he goes into is reminiscent of other famous murderers. Dennis Nilsen is portrayed by David Tennant in the TV series ‘Des’ where a lot of these details went into the production.

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