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This episode is based on a philosophy that I received from Spirit a couple rounds ago in The Initiation. I remember the world of Spirit coming through so strong and saying, “You need to remind them that we respond to their declarations.” So much of this work is about declarations, and it was an impactful message to deliver. 

This kind of inspired speaking feels so much more powerful than a mediumship link to me. There’s just something about my spirit waking up when I speak about certain things, even in classes and mentorship sessions. The physical sensations and the emotional sensations that I get to experience every time I teach or record a podcast are so beautiful that I hope everyone in their lives gets to experience it at some point.

I can definitely feel my spirit  lifting and raising and expanding every time I speak something that I feel like my soul and my spirit really needs to speak. I believe that sometimes it is a combination of my spirit helpers on the other side inspiring me. In this episode, I share some recent experiences that demonstrate these philosophies.


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In this episode:

  • I used to use all types of modalities and look for signs that I am meant to do this work
  • There is nothing in my life that makes me feel this way
  • I didn’t feel it until I was 31 and I know many people never do
  • It happens more consistently as you continue on your journey and let down your walls
  • Most of my conversations with Skylar are one way, and occasionally I am gifted a response
  • I was overwhelmed when he said that I choose, and that Spirit will adjust accordingly
  • I could have served in corporate because we need lightworkers in all areas of society
  • One of my students makes digital collages with AI and says AI needs our light
  • I’m tired of waiting for drastic things to happen before policies are created
  • I decided in December 2019 to incorporate my business and left my job in February
  • During that time was the first time no one was booking readings
  • I remember telling the world of spirit with such conviction, I’m doing it anyways
  • As soon as I left, I was booked out and had people asking for online mentorship
  • You may sometimes lean back too much or give too much power away
  • In times that I was too depleted to use clairsentience and asked for clairaudience
  • I still prefer clairsentience because it is tangible and evidential for me
  • I asked for specific dates when I was feeling my deficits and got one in a reading
  • I learn from you and build my confidence when you share similar experiences
  • I understand that there are communities that want to keep their knowledge sacred
  • While being mindful of that, I hope my way of sharing makes people feel seen
  • A couple weeks ago, I had a rare moment where I felt successful
  • I realized all that I’ve created from the side of my bed 
  • I was told by my therapist and mentor that I should socialize more
  • I started thinking in that feeling of success that an office would be good for me
  • I first had a vision in 2017 of having a space on the waterfront in Squamish
  • It wasn’t built up yet and the 20 year plan made it seem impossible
  • Most of my profit goes to client experience and I thought it was out of my budget
  • I found out that some retail spaces are less than my mastermind payment
  • The realtor dismissed me and a friend connected me with another one through Instagram
  • I said to spirit, I trust that if it’s meant to happen, it will happen easily for me
  • Within an hour, she messaged me with a time to see the space the next day
  • It hasn’t been listed and is more than my mastermind, but I know it’s my space
  • My mentor Mavis Pittilla loved to teach spiritual philosophy, my favourite part of development
  • Before her passing, I called in her mentor Gordon Higginson as an inspirer for teaching
  • I asked for Mavis to inspire me for the class and it was one of my favourites 
  • In bed, my daughter said, I know what happens in the seventh level of heaven. You reincarnate. 
  • When I thought of the magic of today, I was overwhelmed with joy and support
  • I recorded a lecture of Mavis in 2015 where she talked about the 7 levels of heaven
  • I feel that these mediums from the past do listen and support me
  • Trust that whatever you are ready for will come to you
  • If you aren’t seeing results, you may need more experience